Want a Captivating Speech, Add Some P.U.N.C.H To It!

SpeechDIY Part IV: P.U.N.C.H. In our previous post we talked about the advantage of letting listeners in on your speech, even if it's still in the planning stages.  This post, the three that preceded it, and the four to follow, mirror the SpeechDIY course we created for executive speakers. You might want to subscribe to this blog series to [...]

How to know if you have a good story? Try telling it.

SpeechDIY Part III: Telling your story In our previous post we described structural templates you could use to make your speech more powerful, and your speechwriting easier.  This post, the two that preceded it, and the five to follow, mirror the SpeechDIY course we created for executive speakers. You might want to subscribe to this blog series to [...]

At the heart of a great speech is a great story.

SpeechDIY Part II: Great Story Structure. Our previous post launched the SpeechDIY series - essentially a how-to guide for crafting a great speech on your own. This post, and the 6 to follow, mirror the SpeechDIY course we take executives through (note: you might want to subscribe to avoid missing any in the series). We [...]

Want a great speech? Start with a brilliant topic.

Introducing Great Speeches by SpeechDIY We've helped scores of executives create great speeches. But to this point, our coaching has always been one-on-one, highly intensive and (for many entrepreneurs and small business people) cost-prohibitive. Couched in this problem lies a challenge: Is it possible to help executives create their own great speeches, without abandoning them [...]

Presentation Insider: From Critic to Collaborator

I’ve recently begun doing pre-speech polls before every presentation. That is, I reach out to the audience to ask what questions they’d like me to answer prior to taking the podium. This is different from working with event organizers to customize my speeches. At best, when I ask organizers, I get broad themes to work [...]

Bring the power of audience insight into your pitch

I recently finished a weeklong research project for a large client. The days were comprised of interviewing the entire management team, then synthesizing their thoughts into themes. I'm now turning the themes into insights that will guide the client's innovation into the future. It was an eye-opening experience on a couple of fronts. First, I [...]

What OMERS Ventures’ Sid Paquette looks for in a pitch

Sid Paquette is Managing Director at OMERS Ventures, the venture capital arm of one of Canada's largest pension funds. Paquette's area of specialization is tech, media, and telecom investment (the company has, among others, high-profile investments in ventures like Hootsuite and Shopify). I connected with Paquette at this summer's Experience Tectoria. At the event, we [...]

My powerpoint presentation tip? Breadcrumbs.

Whenever I get asked about powerpoint presentation tips, I always tweak the question - it's not about powerpoint, but about memory. Case in point. I did 5 keynotes in April, including three speeches with entirely new content. The experience was educational, to put it mildly. These speeches weren't your bog-standard 'hunch over the podium and [...]

Your Ultimate Speech recognized in Capital Magazine

Just a brief post to celebrate Your Ultimate Speech being featured in a full page feature in Capital Magazine. Thanks to Andrew Duffy, the intrepid journalist who made it all happen. Rock on!

How to crush writer’s block.

I've been paid to write my entire life. I began as an advertising copywriter. I wrote a book. Now, in addition to brand consulting, I run a company that creates speeches. When I can't write, I don't eat. I'd like to underline the difference between this and hobby writing. If your hobby is a blog, [...]