What does Renewal Funds’ Joel Solomon look for in a pitch?

Joel Solomon is more than an investor. He's a force of change. "In the coming years, $30-50 trillion is going to transition from people without a strong sense of environmental and social mission, to a younger generation with an extremely strong sense of this mission." Solomon wants to discover, and build the companies and ideas [...]

What does Espresso Capital’s Katie Paterson look for in a pitch?

Katie Paterson knows both sides of the investment pitching game. She's a self-professed startup junkie, and has been instrumental in building a number of successful companies. (If you want to get her attention, say you're looking for help starting a SaaS business). And, as is befitting an interviewee on Your Ultimate Pitch, she is also [...]

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Monsanto Growth Ventures’ Kiersten Stead on creating Your Ultimate Pitch

You may be a tech startup, pitching tech investors. Or you may be growing your company in a sector like agriculture.  Either way, a great pitch is a great pitch. With that in mind, I wanted to share an enlightening conversation I had with Monsanto Growth Ventures' Director of Investment Kiersten Stead. Monsanto, as everyone [...]