What Espresso Capital’s Alkarim Jivraj Looks for in a Pitch

In a career spanning 20 years, Alkarim Jivraj has helped raise over $1 billion for more than 200 early stage and growing technology companies. And as CEO of Espresso Capital, he's bringing a new form of investment to the Canadian market. "Mezzanine capital is relatively uncomplicated, user-friendly, medium risk, and medium term." says Jivraj. "It's [...]

My powerpoint presentation tip? Breadcrumbs.

Whenever I get asked about powerpoint presentation tips, I always tweak the question - it's not about powerpoint, but about memory. Case in point. I did 5 keynotes in April, including three speeches with entirely new content. The experience was educational, to put it mildly. These speeches weren't your bog-standard 'hunch over the podium and [...]

Your Ultimate Speech recognized in Capital Magazine

Just a brief post to celebrate Your Ultimate Speech being featured in a full page feature in Capital Magazine. Thanks to Andrew Duffy, the intrepid journalist who made it all happen. Rock on!

Frontfundr’s Jill Earthy on creating Your Ultimate Pitch

Frontfundr is a unique hybrid in the investment space. Bringing together the discipline of traditional investment firms with the adrenalin of the crowdfunding model, Frontfundr is driving investment for startups and pre-revenue companies in Canada, and bringing more 'citizen investors' into the game. The result is a greater sense of community and support for innovative [...]

Your Ultimate Speech: The Documentary

You may have seen our testimonials. Or even watched the speeches by our clients like Mina and Gary. But you likely haven't experienced our process - how Your Ultimate Speech takes you from raw idea to TED-ready speech in just six calls. Now you can. We conducted an experiment with podcaster Alison Donaghey. She volunteered [...]

Want a wildly successful presentation? Break the ‘audience’ frame.

I witnessed an incredible, wildly successful transformation at a presentation recently. It was a pitch event, where entrepreneurs took the stage for 10 minutes to present their ideas to a group of venture capitalists sitting on a comfy sofa at stage left. One by one, the entrepreneurs took the stage. None of them knew who [...]

What pitches do VC’s want to hear?

If you’ve ever been in a high stakes pitch, you know considerable anxiety is caused by trying to assess the personality and priorities of your audience. What do they want to hear? What do they hate? Where’s the fine line between ‘Count me in’ and ‘You’re out’? That’s why I found the recent Metabridge conference [...]

How to turn a last minute speech into a great speech?

You've agreed to do a last minute speech to an important audience. Business is on the line. And your presentation isn't going to cut the mustard. What do you do? This testimonial from June 10, 2016, speaks for itself... "I had to deliver a presentation to a group of my peers in 24 hours, I [...]

How to find out if your presentation stunk

The hardest thing about improving your presentation skills isn’t crafting your words, slides, or delivery. It’s getting feedback. In my years pitching new business in advertising, and now standing on the podium as a keynote speaker, unvarnished critiques have been in very short supply. In pitches, a loss usually comes with a sanitized ‘don’t take [...]

A powerful presentation is much more than information

A powerful presentation is much more than a collection of words. This is a simple point, completely ignored by the majority of executives giving presentations. As a result, death by powerpoint continues to be the number one killer of conference goers and AGM attendees. Instead of just blathering on, though, I'm going to cut my [...]