A powerful presentation is much more than information

A powerful presentation is much more than a collection of words. This is a simple point, completely ignored by the majority of executives giving presentations. As a result, death by powerpoint continues to be the number one killer of conference goers and AGM attendees. Instead of just blathering on, though, I'm going to cut my [...]

Want killer presentation skills? Ask Aristotle.

2500 years ago, Aristotle had a profound insight on presentation skills. Great pitches were essentially comprised of three elements - ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos – Ensuring you’re seen as a credible expert on the subject Pathos – Creating a bond between yourself and the audience Logos – Substantiating your pitch with facts Like so [...]

The key to a great speech? Keep it simple.

There are many things that can go wrong enroute to a great speech. Complexity is one of the most common bugbears. Allow me to illustrate. A few years back, I asked a former boss to give me some unvarnished feedback. I wanted to know how to describe my strengths in a way that would make [...]

How Donald Trump can help your presentation

Donald Trump lies. He bullies. He drags the conversation into the gutter. And his followers don’t care. Believe it or not, Donald Trump’s behaviour in the GOP nomination race carries a strong lesson for presenters trying to communicate effectively. Ignore this lesson at your peril. Donald Trump presents himself as someone his fans can believe [...]

How to create your ultimate pitch? Why not simply ask?

I help people create killer pitches and presentations. So naturally, clients ask me what to put in their pitch to really make it sing. A few years ago, a younger and more insecure me would’ve jumped right in with myriad suggestions on hooks, promises and structure. Happily, the older and wiser me has done away [...]

The story of Your Ultimate Speech. Marc Stoiber’s interview with Alison Donaghey

Today, I had the pleasure of telling the Your Ultimate Speech story to a wonderful podcaster, Alison Donaghey. We covered a raft of topics: The growing importance of speechcraft in the corporate world, Why advertising is losing in credibility as presentations by leaders is given more credence, How many slides should be in the ideal [...]

Why you need a personal pitch

A few years ago, I got some terrific advice from a friend when I parted ways with my employer. The friend said my first concern was to own my story. What he meant, in essence, was that I needed to create a story that described my actions in a way that anyone could understand, and [...]

A great presentation starts with listening

I created a company to help entrepreneurs do effective pitches, so I’ve seen a lot of pitches. 95% of them are exactly…the…same. Cue slide show: Here’s what our technology does Here’s what else it does By the way, it does this brilliantly And we’re working on ways to make it do this, that, and the [...]