What Vancouver Founder Fund’s Fraser Hall looks for in a pitch.

Fraser Hall has an interesting pitch. Like many investors, a good part of his resume includes stints as an entrepreneur - founding, among other ventures, a very James Bond-esque company named Recon Instruments. But that's just part of story. "Two campaigns as Captain of the animal rights vessel Sea Shepherd" is also a line on his [...]

Bring the power of audience insight into your pitch

I recently finished a weeklong research project for a large client. The days were comprised of interviewing the entire management team, then synthesizing their thoughts into themes. I'm now turning the themes into insights that will guide the client's innovation into the future. It was an eye-opening experience on a couple of fronts. First, I [...]

What OMERS Ventures’ Sid Paquette looks for in a pitch

Sid Paquette is Managing Director at OMERS Ventures, the venture capital arm of one of Canada's largest pension funds. Paquette's area of specialization is tech, media, and telecom investment (the company has, among others, high-profile investments in ventures like Hootsuite and Shopify). I connected with Paquette at this summer's Experience Tectoria. At the event, we [...]

What Espresso Capital’s Alkarim Jivraj Looks for in a Pitch

In a career spanning 20 years, Alkarim Jivraj has helped raise over $1 billion for more than 200 early stage and growing technology companies. And as CEO of Espresso Capital, he's bringing a new form of investment to the Canadian market. "Mezzanine capital is relatively uncomplicated, user-friendly, medium risk, and medium term." says Jivraj. "It's [...]

What Relentless Pursuit Partners’ Brenda Irwin Looks for in a Pitch

One look at the rapidly growing vitality market confirms that healthy can indeed lead to wealthy. And helping people turn great health ideas into successful companies is the business of passionate investors like Brenda Irwin. Irwin is partnered with Canada's pre-eminent triathlete Simon Whitfield at Relentless Pursuit Partners, an investment consultancy committed to developing businesses [...]

What does Renewal Funds’ Joel Solomon look for in a pitch?

Joel Solomon is more than an investor. He's a force of change. "In the coming years, $30-50 trillion is going to transition from people without a strong sense of environmental and social mission, to a younger generation with an extremely strong sense of this mission." Solomon wants to discover, and build the companies and ideas [...]

What does Espresso Capital’s Katie Paterson look for in a pitch?

Katie Paterson knows both sides of the investment pitching game. She's a self-professed startup junkie, and has been instrumental in building a number of successful companies. (If you want to get her attention, say you're looking for help starting a SaaS business). And, as is befitting an interviewee on Your Ultimate Pitch, she is also [...]

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Monsanto Growth Ventures’ Kiersten Stead on creating Your Ultimate Pitch

You may be a tech startup, pitching tech investors. Or you may be growing your company in a sector like agriculture.  Either way, a great pitch is a great pitch. With that in mind, I wanted to share an enlightening conversation I had with Monsanto Growth Ventures' Director of Investment Kiersten Stead. Monsanto, as everyone [...]

Frontfundr’s Jill Earthy on creating Your Ultimate Pitch

Frontfundr is a unique hybrid in the investment space. Bringing together the discipline of traditional investment firms with the adrenalin of the crowdfunding model, Frontfundr is driving investment for startups and pre-revenue companies in Canada, and bringing more 'citizen investors' into the game. The result is a greater sense of community and support for innovative [...]

Want a wildly successful presentation? Break the ‘audience’ frame.

I witnessed an incredible, wildly successful transformation at a presentation recently. It was a pitch event, where entrepreneurs took the stage for 10 minutes to present their ideas to a group of venture capitalists sitting on a comfy sofa at stage left. One by one, the entrepreneurs took the stage. None of them knew who [...]